Foobar Theme

I have used Foobar for so long that I would have a panic attack if I realized how long. More than a decade though. 🙁

I would try themes, and I would add plugins. There weren’t many plugins, but I would always get podcatcher and the standard ones you needed to install any theme (I think columns is the name, but I don’t care to look into it and verify). Hands down, this is the best theme —

It actually makes Foobar, the best looking audio player in my opinion. I mean honestly, look at this —

It displays Audio books beautifully, and you know what? That is all I need now. I just noticed that Spotify and YouTube have completely replaced my desire to download and own music. I use to hoard the bastards, but now I’m just complacent with streaming when I need them. There is no streaming source for Audio books though. I mean there is Audible, but that is expensive, and I’m not a person good with choices. That is why Spotify works for me and Audio does not. Oh and I don’t pay for Spotify.

My whole point is, this, this looks nice —

Just Absolutely Gorgeous

That’s all. I don’t read all that I have screenshots of, by the way; I’m just a hoarder… But I do enjoy Brandon Sanderson’s works, so if you have any Fantasy (or Sci-Fi…) recommendations, please let me know! I’m also a fan of thrillers, mysteries, and history. However, I must kindly decline any romance novel suggestions, unless, of course, they are truly exceptional.

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