Embarking on a Literary Journey: Exploring the Fascinating World of Sci-Fi🚀🌌

Blogging is tough, especially when you have nothing to blog about. The sad part about that is that there is infinite content. The bar is incredibly low. I’m not completely sure, I don’t have the data, I haven’t plotted it out in R, but I think just having words on page constitutes as content.

So, even at my worst (I haven’t proven this is my worst yet, but I’m confident in the claim that it’s not my best), I’m producing something. And that something, according to the last time I checked my analytics is tolerated by exactly one homie in Ireland.

I have a plan though. I’m going to read / listen and digest the top 100 Sci-Fi books as chosen by this list on Goodreads here — https://www.goodreads.com/blog/show/1874-the-100-most-popular-sci-fi-books-on-goodreads

That’s pretty interesting right? Maybe not…repeat visit interesting, but interesting. Let’s up that ante then. I can’t draw, but I will also draw one picture inspired by that novel. “Holy Fucking Shit”, you are saying to yourself, mentally. Go ahead, press that ctr + d. How can I afford to do this? I can’t.

I guess it is time to get started. Now, do I go straight down the list or do I chose a random number? Well, the first one is 1984 by George Orwell…

So we’re going with the random number method instead.

And that happens to be — Neal Stephenson The Cryptonomicon

Fuck yeah. I haven’t read either book, but I know enough about each to know, as far as my interest go, that was best possible outcome.

Please forgive any grammar mistakes. I fully intended to run the copy through ChatGPT but, I found I’m funny at times. I’m sure they will fix that soon, no doubt. 😟

I hope those weird-ass emoji things don’t get into my slug. Ew.

Son of a bitch…
Yoast shouldn’t let you publish when you slug is that long. Automatic 403. 418 if you want to show how clever you are.

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